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English and Spanish Language Development

Language Allocation

How will my child become bilingual and biliterate?

Beginning in Kinder, half of your child's day will be in English and the other half will be in Spanish.  We call this a "50/50" model.  Your child will likely demonstrate grade level language and literacy skills in his/her home language first.  He/she might be a year behind in the partner language, but we expect by 5th grade your child will be at grade level in BOTH English and Spanish.


How will I know if my child is making progress?

End of Year Goals

Your child's teacher will use EDL and DRA to monitor progress towards year end literacy goals. This chart shows what is expected by the end of each school year. In addition, district and state exams help determine whether your child is making adequate progress towards language development goals. The assessments are color coded by language. Assessments given in English are coded green. Orange is used for those given in Spanish. Brown are those given in both languages.

The text in black shows what level your child should reach by the end of the school year. We recognize that each child is unique and that the process of acquiring language is seldomly uniform for all children, therefore please do not be too alarmed if there is some variance from the recommended level. The most important thing is to keep a watchful eye over your child’s progress and to be in strong collaboration with the teachers to make sure the learning plan is followed at school and home.


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